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Hi Ameen,
Your data can quickly finish due to any of the activities below:
Activities like browsing the internet, sending/receiving emails, uploading or downloading files etc, are dependent on data and therefore deplete from your data.
There are also several other likely reasons why your data bundle may be depleted quickly:-
• You are on 4G network - A 4G connection provides superior speed and allows for fast transfers of heavy amounts of data. To manage your data, switch to 3G network.
• Website visited – the more pictures, videos or graphics on the websites visited, the more data is used
• Streaming of music/ videos on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and other channels
• Games – games use a lot of data due to the graphics and algorithms that power them,
• Social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
• Video-chatting and conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Video, etc.
To manage your data, set a data usage limit on your device. This way, you cannot use more than your specified volume of data.
On most Android devices:`
• Click on Settings icon
• Tap on Data Usage
• Check/tick the option to Set Mobile Data Limit
• A prompt pops up communicating the implication of setting a limit. Tap OK
• Drag the Horizontal line (red line) to the point you so desire (MB or GB depending on plan purchased)
• You get a notification below (Click OK)