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How can i get my coupon code?

How can i vet my coupon code?



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Hi Pius, is it Coupon code that you want or Promo code. MTN does not give Coupon code direct, Coupon code are given by organizations that MTN has given access to Gift data to their customers as incentives or rewards.
Promo code is given by MTN to their own customers direct.

MTN Promo code is an alphanumeric string which allows you to enjoy 30% discount on the price of the next data bundle you buy with the code.

There are 2 types of codes: The Loyalty Promo Code and The Event based code.
The Loyalty Code comes as a follow up message once you buy an MTN data plan while the Event
based is usually announced at any special event.
CODE is only applicable on weekly and Monthly bundles.

To Redeem your Promo code
You can redeem your Promo code discount by simply using it to buy any data bundle on your next purchase within the validity period of the code via the following channels:
• USSD: by dialling *131*1#; Select bundle type (Weekly or Monthly); Select bundle to be
purchased; Select “4” Redeem Promo Code; Enter Promo Code and click “Send” and complete
bundle purchase.
• MyMTN App: < Go to MyMTN App; Click on “Data Bundle”; Click on bundle to be purchased; Enter Promo Code; Select preferred payment method; Click on “Buy Bundle to complete transaction.
• SMS: by sending <Bundle Activation Code> space
<Promo Code> to 131. For example: Text 106 300120 to 131.

Points to Note
The Promo Code has a validity of 7 days from the day it was received.
The promo code is for your phone number alone and you will not be able to enjoy the promo code discount or share it with another number.
You can only enjoy the price discount on your Promo code once a month.
Promo code offer does not auto renew, only the face value of the bundle you activated will auto renew.
You will not get any data or device bonus on the data bundles you purchased with your Promo code.

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