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Hi Victoria, MTN WhoDeyCall is a service that shows you the name of anyone that calls you. The service will show you blocked, unknown, and spam phone numbers. You will see the caller’s name as a pop-up message before you pick the call.

With WhoDeyCall you can:
See the names of anyone who is calling you in real time even if you have not saved this person’s phone number in your address book
Identify callers from MTN and other networks
Avoid spam, robo-calls and fraudulent calls

The following features are available on the service:
See the names of anyone who is calling you in real time.
Modify, change, or edit your name.
Daily, weekly, and monthly subscription plans
Free trial
Opt in and Opt out

WhoDeyCall works on off-net calls, international calls, and roaming calls.
The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will identify all incoming unknown, hidden or blocked phone numbers.
The service will display the name and phone numbers that you have stored in your address book as it appears in the WhoDeyCall database.
You will see the names of the callers if they are not subscribed to the service.
The person that is calling you will not know that you are using WhoDeyCall to see the unknown, hidden, or blocked phone number.
All MTN’s new and existing prepaid and post-paid customers can use this service.
Customers who ported in to the MTN network from other networks can also use the service.

To subscribe to WhoDeyCall:
You can subscribe to MTN WhoDeyCall via SMS and USSD
Daily plan cost N5, text SC1 to 5058 to activate
Weekly plan cost 30, text SC2 to 5058 to activate
Monthly plan cost N50, text SC3 to 5058 to activate

To subscribe to WhoDeyCall via USSD, dial *5058# and choose any of the options in the menu.