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If I do not make calls or send messages but I get otp and bank alert on my mtn number.Will my number be recycled?

If I do not make any calls or send any messages but I always get messages such as otp and bank alert for debits and credits on my Nigerian account on my mtn number...Will my number still be recycled?

Chidera Henry
Chidera Henry

Chidera Henry

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Hi Chidera. your number will be recycled if you only receive SMS while roaming. You need to use your line to perform chargeable activities on your line or you activate MTN Keep My Number service if you do not want to use the line for calls and SMS.

MTN Keep My Number (KMN) is a special service that allows you to retain your numbers in the event that you travel out of the country or stay inactive/dormant for more than 360 days.
Kindly find the different plans below:
1 year plan cost N511.90k, to activate, dial *365*1# or text KMN1 to 36500
2 years plan cost N819.05k, to activate, dial *365*2# or text KMN2 to 36500
3 years plan cost N1,228.57k, to activate, dial *365*3# or text KMN3 to 36500
Note: Your NIN must be linked to your line before you can activate the service.