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How does buying of mtn share work and what will be my gain after participating in it

I will like to know about the allotment



1 / 100


5000 / 5000

Hi Rasheedat, to buy MTN share, visit the PrimaryOffer website at http://www.primaryofferng.com or download their app on your phone via play store.

Follow the steps below to subscribe:

Download the app from the app store
Click “Create an Account”
Input your BVN
Input your date of birth linked to your BVN
Click “Proceed”
Validate your information
Create password
Click “Submit”
An OTP is sent to your email for verification
Upon verification, log in with your email and password
Select “MTN Offer”
View details of the Offer – including the Pricing Supplement
Input number of shares you want to apply for
Input CSCS, CHN and Bank details for verification
**Alternatively, a CSCS and CHN will be created for you when you indicate “No, I don’t” have a CSCS.
Input your bank account details and re-insert your log in password for verification
Read and accept the terms and conditions
Proceed to Make Payment
You will receive a notification of the successful submission in your email

When you buy MTN share, you have become an investor and part owner of MTN Nigeria. You will be able to earn earn dividends when the company makes profit. you will also have voting right during any election in the company.

You can also trade your stock for profit when it appreciate on Nigerian stock market.

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