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Why can't I recharge from unity bank account

I can't recharge from unity account



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Hi Femi, you need to contact your bank to know if they have the service to enable you buy airtime from your bank account. You can also use your bank ATM to buy airtime via the ATM payment option on MyMTN app.

You can buy directly from your bank accounts using a debit card, the debit card details can now be saved on your profile on myMTN App or Smart web.
Find below Steps to add debit cards on MTN Smart Web
Step 1: Log into smart web via the link: https://mymtn.com.ng/login (Enter your phone number and input received OTP to login).
Step 2: Select the service you wish to activate or purchase (Data or Airtime Recharge)
Step 3: Enter the amount to be Recharged and confirm purchase (Debit card payment is pre-selected).
Step 4: Select the debit card type (Visa card, Master card or Verve Card).
Step 5: Enter card details (card number, expiry date, year & ccv) and proceed. (The option to save card details is pre-selected). Kindly follow the prompts that follow.
Step 6: Click on Proceed to complete the transaction.

Here’s an example of how to save a card while buying data or airtime via MyMTN app:
Select Data Bundle
Select Bank Card and proceed
Select method of payment
Input your bank details, check the box to save your bank details
Card tokenized for future use.

Note: You can uncheck the save card details check box if you chooses to make a one-off purchase from your bank account.

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