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Hi Godswill, with MTN HyNetflex One Account, you can share your HyNetFlex Data to another HyNetflex.
HyNetflex One Account is a special feature that enables you add up to 10 beneficiaries (HyNetflex or MiFis) to your HyNetflex profile, so that each device can use from a single data subscription.

You can allocate either variable data volumes or fixed data volumes to HyNetflex beneficiary accounts. Fixed data volumes include: 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB and 50GB
To allocate fixed data volumes: Select the "View Beneficiary" tab, select the beneficiary phone number of choice and select the "Edit usage limit" button to set the fixed data volumes of your choice
To set variable data amount, select the "View beneficiary" tab, select the beneficiary number of choice and select the "Reset to default" button..

find steps to create HyNetFlex One Account
1. Logging into the MyMTN Web portal with your HyNetflex number
a. Click on https://mymtn.com.ng/login
b. Enter your HyNetFlex number and click on Proceed button
c. Select the option through which you would like to receive OTP, either via SMS/mail
d. Input the received OTP to proceed

2. Register as a Sponsor Feature
a. Tap ‘More’ button and select Hynetflex One Account (the 1st option)
b. Tap ‘Click here‘ to create your pin before you proceed to register for HyNetflex One Account.
c. Fill the form for a pin creation and ensure you accept terms and conditions for the proceed button to be available.
d. An OTP would be sent to your phone number. Enter the received OTP
e. Confirm that you wish to create a pin
f. Go back to the HyNetflex page and complete your registration by tapping “Confirm”

3. Transfer Data to your sharable wallet
a. You can enter the data amount to be shared when you select option 1 and follow the prompt to transfer to your shareable wallet.
b. When you successfully transfer 1GB data to your shareable wallet, Sponsor is prompted to enter PIN details
c. Once PIN details are entered correctly, you will get notification and Sharable wallet balance is updated accordingly.

4. Add beneficiaries
a. Add a beneficiary when you click option 2 and follow the prompt.
b. After successfully adding a beneficiary, you will get the notification

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