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Hi Ajagbusi, you can use MTN number search service to search and reserve any special number of your choice.
Number search is a service that allows you search and reserve available numbers; Platinum or normal numbers from all existing number ranges from the comfort of your home.
How it works
You will be able to search for numbers from https://www.mtnonline.com/personal/number-search/ using the prefix or by entering an exact number.
Once the number is available, you will be able to reserve it by entering your details; name and and alternative number.
As soon as the number is successfully reserved, you will receive a successful message with a token number.
You are expected to visit the service centre within 72 hours of reserving the number with your token number as an evidence for the purchase of that number.
A service centre agent can only activate a number for you once s/he confirms that the token number on your message is same as the token number on the system
Please note that if the reserved number is not purchased after 72 hours, it will be made available again for other customers.

Normal price for Platinum SIM is N2500 and Normal number is N400

You can also Reserve number via MyMTN app with the steps below:
-When you open MyMTN app,
-On the home page, click on Play,
-A list of special services will come up, kindly select Reserve Number,
-Enter the number range you want to reserve like 0803 or 0703,
-The available ones you can reserve will come up.

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