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My airtime bonus was charged for my browsing, instead of my data bundle. Why?

I'm on Betatalk tariff plan, and you know that give #300 airtime bonus per #100 recharge.

I recharged #500 airtime this morning, and I was credited with #1500 airtime bonus.
Then I bought a data bundle of 2gb for #500 .

I've been using it. But not too long ago, I received a notification explaining that I've exhausted my data plan.

I checked, then I found out that I still have about 175.16mb, yet I was notified that I've exhausted it.

But, that isn't actually my problem. My problem is, instead of deducting my data for browsing, you guys where using my airtime bonus.

When I checked my airtime balance, I saw nothing. But I still have data, yet I was charged from my airtime bonus.




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